– Join the TradeToken (TIO) Trading Revolution is a Swiss company aiming to be the leading next-generation financial institution for trading multiple financial assets on the blockchain technology.

The company intends to revolutionise the exchange trading system with a platform that is more decentralised, transparent and traceable and that will allow its customers trade in both physical and digital assets. Including but not limited to oils, cryptocurrencies precious metals and other commodities.

This platform was mainly created with a short-term aim of bringing change in the status quo enjoyed in financial markets then pave the way for the new era of trading and financing. However, its long-term goes as described before to offer a trading platform for forex, precious metals indices, and many more commodities.

TradeIO has a long history in the blockchain trading industry, its founders and advisors have successfully founded brokerage firms such as Primus Capital markets UK and FXPRIMUS. The latter was founded over nine years. Currently, it boasts a CFD trading platform of over $180B worth of transactions per annum; it is also regulated by the foreign exchange regulatory. The main services offered by this platform is mainly investments in banking, on its making, it is indeed new era financial platform offering this services with very low expenses.

At the time of writing this review TradeIO company is going through its Pre-ICO and is aiming to raise over 200,00ETH trading tokens in exchange for 200M TIO that translates to roughly USD 100M. In addition to this, the company intends to add all the unsold tokens from the Pre-ICO to 75TIO tokens all scheduled to take place during this month. The totals will bring us to a possible total of USD 100M.

Note that when going through this figures you will notice a slight difference between the company’s white paper and the statistics posted on their websites. However, after making consultation with the institution, we verified that the figures on their site are up to date and more accurate compared to those on their white paper that is based on token pricing and quantity.

How Does Work?

As stated on its white paper Trade.IO is a replacement trading platform for the existing system. The company works towards efficiency in the provision of service, transparency and leveraging a decentralised blockchain network.

The company works on the idea that the system is building a shared liquidity and members invest their assets using Trade.IO tokens. The company in return share 50% of the profits and losses generated from this shared pool. To gain membership in this institution one has to own over 2500TIO trade tokens that translate to approximately or USD 875 Pre-ICO.

The company, in its plans, looks forward to providing start-ups with some trading options and investments with a forecasted possibility of enabling other companies to IPO and ICO on its platform. However, this objectives are limited in that the company does not have a provision on how it will handle the commission received from such activities. It as well provides little or no information on the current accreditation status to the stated improvements.

 What are some of the future developmental features the company wants to feature on the platform?

  • Trading: Opposed to the current condition, in the future members will use their trading tokens as membership and thus consequently allow them to access the trading platform, to participate in the trading members will be limited to hold at least 2500 trade tokens.
  • Trading: the company in the future intends to extend the liquidity burden from individual-based to group based where for instance all the win and losses from trading activities are shared among the members.
  • Investment Banking: the company intends to equally invest for the users then do an equal distribution of both losses and profits.
  • Daily Distributions: in conjunction with its transparency goals the company postulates to distribute its investment results on a daily basis.
  • Compliance: the company as is at the current standing claims to be compliant with various regulators in various jurisdictions across the world.

Lastly, going through their white paper the trade.IO remains one of the most ambitious companies we have currently. However, viewing the document from a critical point the record leaves us with a lot of questions that have gone unanswered. This is a question regarding regulations, the current status of the institution, as far as they quite try defining their token as a utility, not a security we will recommend this decision to be well described by the regulators or someone or lawyer with base information on securities.

Their system network is still heavily in its launch stages and requires a lot of developments to meet the standards stipulated in their white paper. The company should also come out and address the issue of how they are going to address the problem of competition and retaining their market shares.